"Is that really you?" (Koga Lemon Oneshot)









When Koga was little, he used to always spend his time playing with

CJ. CJ was about the same age as him and always eager to explore.

Like Koga, she was always getting into trouble for her mischievous

ways, but nonetheless nothing could break her outgoing nature. But

when her parents were killed, her spirit was all but broken, she was

enraged. She left the pack to go on her own, and to avenge her

parents’ deaths. Leaving Koga all alone, and dampening his outgoing

spirit. He became overly arrogant to hide the hurt he felt when CJ had
left, but began to care even more about the pack, for the fear that

they were leave him if he were to ever let his guard done. His over

protectiveness did him good and he became the Alpha Male. He only

wished CJ could’ve been there to see it.



Koga sat down, tired and angered, after Kagome had yet again turned
him down. She looked so much like CJ, though CJ was far more

beautiful, and even she rejected him for her own purposes! His pack

had been slaughtered and now he was alone… again. Frustrated, he

let out a loud growl, and threw a stone as hard as he could into the

forest. It was a moment before he heard an oomph and the sound of

someone running through the woods. He braced himself for a fight

when he saw a gorgeous dog demon walk out of the forest. She had

long black hair, furry black dog ears, and the brightest most vibrant

violet eyes that Koga had ever seen. Koga’s heart ached as he

thought about how much she looked like CJ. She huffed and put her

hands on her hips “You mister!” She called out in a slightly British

accent, reminding Koga, that any hopes he had that she could

remotely be CJ vanished. Her forehead creased and she held up the

rock “I ought to maim you for nearly taking my head off! What are you
thinking, you fool. Throwing rocks at that speed! You’re lucky I'm as

strong as I am!” She walked on up to him and glared angrily at him.

When she saw his eyes, her’s softened, and she said gently “Your

eyes…” Koga looked at her and asked “What about my eyes?” She

took a step back and said “They look… just like my old friend’s…”


Her eyes drifted off into a far away time and she said dreamily “We

were really close… always getting ourselves into a bit of mischief

were we. We would’ve been mates, had I stayed, but I had to avenge
my parents’ murders. It took me all the way from Japan to England. 

It was bloody well difficult to learn the language but I managed. After
finally killed the bastard that took my parents from me, I returned

here to find him. I don’t know if he’ll even talk to me, nevertheless

take me back as his friend. I truly did care about him.” She looked at

Koga as she snapped back into reality and asked “Ever heard of the

lad… his name is Koga.” Koga looked up in shock and smiled… real



CJ looked scared “What’s with the smile?” Koga grinned “Calleigh Joe,
right?” CJ looked even more frightened “Explain how in the seven

hells you know
my name, you’re frightening me terribly.” Koga took a

step towards
her and said “CJ, it’s me Koga.” CJ looked at him in

surprise and said
“No way. That’s rubbish… blasphemy.” Koga shook

his head “When
you were 4, you fell out of a tree when you were

trying to fly, and
when your mom asked why, you claimed it was

because the tree
didn’t like you.” CJ still didn’t look convinced so

Koga continued
“When you were 9, you got you’re first period, and

you started
freaking out thinking you were going to die so you began

giving all
your stuff away and making big speeches about how’d you

miss us.
You told me that you always wanted to be my mate, and we

had our
first kiss.” CJ’s jaw dropped and she smiled.


“Koga, is that really you?” Koga nodded and she flew towards him,

knocking him to the ground and smothering him with kisses. “So

Koga, do you still want me to be your mate?” Koga grinned and

flipped her over. He kissed her neck and said “Here lemme show



CJ was about to make a sarcastic comment when Koga ripped off her

clothes, causing her to gasp in surprise. CJ let out a small growl at

Koga, and just to be even, ripped his clothes off. 


Now both naked, Koga proceded to kiss and nip her neck, while his

hands roam around. CJ let out a moan when he felt Koga grab her

breats. She then, surprised him, by grabbing his hands and flipping

him over.

She grinned at him evilly and said "Do you think, after all these years

of not seeing you, that I would lay down and play dead while you

take you jolly well take your time doing whatever you pleased?"

Koga smirked and said sarcastically "Are bitches supposed to be

submissive?" CJ laughed and leaned forward "I may be your bitch but

hell would freeze over before I ever came close to being submissive."

Koga leaned up and whispered in her ear "You wanna bet?" 

Before she could even reply, Koga flipped her over, and pinned her to

the ground. She looked at him, quite shocked, and growled

menacingly, but Koga just shrugged it off. It was common for a bitch

to put up a fight before they became submissive... it was their way of
making sure that their mate could defend them when they were

pregnant and vulnerable.

Koga pinned her down, and began to nip and suck at her neck, while

he searched for her sweet spot. CJ tried to turn Koga on his back but,

when his teeth grazed over that certain spot behind her ear, her

bones turned to jelly. Koga, satisfied with this obvious reaction, felt

it safe enough to only pin her down with one hand and use the other

to... explore.